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Free Room for Darius Ferdynand – Billy Rubens x Darius Ferdynand

When handsome young devil Darius comes looking for JP at the DreamBoy Hotel and sees exclusive Billy Rubens sitting at the desk in a damn sexy suit, it’s obvious there’s been a power struggle and Billy has come out on top! Giving his guest a bedroom free of charge, there’s always a type of payment that needs settling and Billy is instantly on his back getting one of the most sensual blowjobs in history!

These buff youngsters, toned and tight bodies with the most suckable dicks in the industry play with each other nice and slow, taking as much time as they can tasting each other’s bodies and long shafts, getting face fucked, jerking each other and themselves until Darius’ butt is puckering for a fucking! Lubing himself up from a giant bottle of 9×6, his solid dick is soon swallowed up as Darius sits over him, letting us take in their hot young bodies as they get closer than ever and deeper than ever!

Darius bounces harder and faster, his big dick slapping back and forth, leaving pre-cum dripping everywhere! As Billy moves to over the chaise, his body looks fucking amazing, those tight small abs going as rigid as his dick as he pumps away into his fuck-mate, working themselves both up to an immense spunk-fest, Billy wanking Darius off himself as his still pounds into him, his load quickly joined by Billy’s all over his handsome young face and smooth chest!

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