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Martin Brute & As de Coeur – Fuck Me In A Van

As de Coeur is seriously hot today, and he’s in desperate need of a good cock to fill his man-hole. Martin Brut isn’t the kind of guy who’d appreciate romance and comfort. He’s all about fucking older manly men and filling them to the brim with his monstrous, thick, 23 cm cock. In this first part of the video, As de Coeur enjoys sucking this big, beautiful offering that fills his throat like never before. And then, Martin Brut doesn’t take it easy.

He takes advantage of the man’s docility to fuck his mouth and fill his throat with vigor. It all happens in a van! When you’re in a hurry to get fucked, are not looking for a confort. You take that big dick anywhere you can.
Things get really hot! After eating that big cock like mad man, it’s time for As de Coeur to feel it from behind. It’s far from being an easy task, as the Martin’s cock is huge and Coeur’s asshole hasn’t tasted that many big dicks. You’ll have to grit your teeth to get it in, but the feeling of nirvana that follows is guaranteed, mate!

Martin Brut knows his stuff. He’s a formidable fucker who knows how to use his monster dick. Plus, he’s got a thing for guys older than him. The whole van resounds with their fucking, and anyone passing by is immediately aware of what’s going on inside. But who cares? We only live once!

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