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SwinginBalls – Marcus Rivers & Oliver Dean – Going in Balls Deep

Male Sex Toys 728X90

Oliver Dean is hanging out in Marcus Rivers place getting bored and frustrated he can’t locate a bit of ass to fuck. Rivers being the sexy boy he is allows Dean know he can be the fuck hole he needs! After a bit of convincing it will feel as great Dean goes for it and gives in!

The men start off having a great workout scene and Rivers requires no opportunity to get Deans balls and cock out of his trousers! Rivers wants to be employed to please him and allows Dean know he can function as bitch! Damn Rivers begs for cock and asks to be placed in your own face. Dean knows how awful Rivers needs balls and his cock and gets tough quite quickly! Oliver Dean just lets Rivers have his cock on his terms Rivers that are rewarding when he obeys!

It’s not overly long before Rivers includes Deans thick cock and enormous bull balls deep inside his hole. Rives has been fucked more and deeper;”Do not stop do not stop keep fucking me” He flips him and fucks him face to face when Dean has had enough of his balls slapping on Rivers hot buttocks. It is not long when Dean pulls out and blasts his load throughout Rivers big balls, making River blow off off his big load all over himself.

Damn the balls were bouncing and swingin as we got a true up close perspective of these hot boys fucking like that they love to perform!

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