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Men’s Rush.TV – CAPY-634 – Koume

Koume is only informed of the date and time. What will happen to Koume who came without doing anything after this? I was surprised when I opened the door with a knocking sound!

I stopped for a moment when I saw a man waiting while handling it naked, but soon after I grasped the situation, the man took off Koume’s belt and pulled down the fastener ww While the staff who was waiting around the camera was explaining the situation, Koume’s over there was taken out, and it was already showing a little reaction and getting bigger. A complete erection immediately after being sucked quickly !! The thing goes on and Koume also sucks a man’s thing and gives a lot of blowjobs !!

He wants to move to the bed and dig a man’s ass in earnest !! As expected, he digs so that he can enjoy it as an actor all the time !! It shoots while being dug and Koume also pushes up with a high-speed piston and releases sperm at a stretch !! After that, the toy head is blamed and a large amount of tide is scattered around the male body !!!

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