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Sharing Jordan (with Chris)

You’ve all been waiting for this one, I’m sure – Jordan, getting in to his first action with a guy in the midst of a scorching hot bisexual threesome!

I’d not have blamed any of you for thinking Jordan’s introductory solo, and then his Coeds action episode, would be the most we’d ever see of him. Heck, it’s what I initially thought. Jordan is a genuine ladies’ man – he effortlessly charms any waitress or girl he comes across when out and about (including here at CF!) and is extremely close to and has an awesome relationship to his partner (lucky her!).

Thankfully for all of us, though, Jordan’s a horny young stud who’s willing to experience new things and see what new ways he can discover pleasure. If you’d seen his first Coeds episode you know this young man knows how to fuck and is very sexual (and darn good at it) – so sexual and eager to feel pleasure and have fun it led him to this hot threesome where he buries his dick in Chris! Lucky Chris, right?! We all know Chris loves to get fucked and having a stiff dick in his ass drives him wild, and Jordan has a whole lot of stiff dick to offer! Jordan doesn’t just fuck Chris, though – he gives suckin’ Chris some a go, happily makes out with Chris, makes Chris fire out a huge load while pumping his hole, then carries on drilling Chris until firing off a massive load of his own! Welcome to CF, indeed, Jordan!


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