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Messy Boy – Dave London and Gregor Gilead

From the start, Dave London knew he would marry Gregor’s mother. Not because he cared about her. He wanted to corrupt her innocent and only son. Now, months after moving in together, Dave puts his wicked plan into motion, bonding with his new step kid over a DIY project. The boy is messy, but it’s okay. Dave doesn’t care. All he cares about is sliding his huge, raw cock inside his stepson. Dave gets his dirty hands on the kid, caressing the teen’s body.

Soon, the boy is on his knees, mouth open. He can barely wrap his lips around the head of his stepfather’s enormous cock, but he eagerly sucks down as much as he can. Dave eventually returns the favor, treating the boy to his first blowjob. But with lust in his heart, cock engorged, and his balls swollen with cum, Dave moves to Gregor’s sweet, virgin hole. Once Gregor is primed, Dave works his enormous, throbbing tool inside his stepson. Taking his time, Dave fucks the boy raw, stretching him open. He pumps harder and deeper with every thrust.

As they build towards orgasm, Dave kisses the little slut, who clearly loves getting stuffed. Dave eventually fucks the cum out of Gregor, pulls out, and sprays a huge load over the boy’s face before sending him off to wash up before mom gets back. Question is, now that Dave got what he wanted, will he leave them both flat? Or will he stick around for more of Gregor’s boy hole?

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