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Red Bottom – Den Fitness x Eugene Colt

I enjoy my quiet time, but that was interrupted when my stepson, Eugene, came home with something to tell me. During a boy’s weekend, Eugene got a tattoo across the bottom of his belly. It was huge, and I was upset. I told my boy to get on the bed. He knew that meant a spanking. Sometimes I think he does anything he can to make me spank him. I pulled his pants down and started giving his ass a few slaps. I paused for a moment and noticed he was wearing a new jock. That, alongside his bare ass in my hand, made my dick react. He apologized, but since he was already half-naked, I decided to remind him why I was in charge. He didn’t disappoint, and neither did his mouth and ass. I fucked a sweet load out of my boy. I wonder what he will think of next to get my hands on his ass.

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