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The Wrong Bed – Carter DelRey and Drew Sebastian

Carter DelRey and his parent have recently moved in with Drew Sebastian, his stepdad. Carter is still adjusting and learning the layout of his new home as he settles in for the night while chatting with Drew. As they chat, Carter catches onto a hint of Drew being lonely, since his wife works a lot, despite them both just moving in. But Carter doesn’t say anything about it as Drew soon excuses himself and heads to bed.

Later on that same night, Carter heads to bed as well but, because he’s still getting used to where everything is in the house, accidentally walks into Drew’s bedroom and sees him resting shirtless. Carter is instantly attracted and stares, then snaps out of it and tries to back out of the room but hits his heel.

Drew stirs and because he’s not wearing his glasses mistakes Carter for his wife, becoming flirty with him and inviting him to bed. Carter, who is already aroused and hopeful, decides to take a chance and play along…

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