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Up and Down – Alan Davis x Evan Novak

My stepson Evan is working hard to make the track team this season and has dedicated himself to getting in shape. Being a former athlete, I know what it takes, and I’m gonna make sure he gets the attention he deserves from me.

He started jumping rope and then 40 sit-ups, but he needed more motivation, and I knew my dick in his ass would do the trick. He loves sucking daddy down to the balls and has no problem taking my cock. Then it was time for me to show him what daddy could do. I sucked his meat and got him hard before flipping him on his side and sliding my cock into his tight hole.

It’s been a few months since I last fucked him, but he still remembered what daddy likes. I fucked that boy until cum flowed out of his cock. And with him licking my balls, I wasn’t far behind.

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