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Hellbo – Skybo – Hot Touches 3 – Denny & Raoul

Male Sex Toys 728X90

Denny is working at his laptop while Raoul is ongoingly disturbing him with soft touches on his broad back, his hair and even his pecs. Denny pushes Raoul away every time.

Raoul gets excited and he applies a deadly sleeper-hold from the back sending Denny into land of dreams. He pulls him over to the couch. Now he has this muscled body for his pleasure. He worships Denny’s muscles, nipples and even his bulge. Denny is waking up and pushes Raoul away. But he got hard under Raoul’s treatment and Raoul makes the point.

He takes the next opportunity and applies again a deadly sleeper on Denny to make him fade again. He sits on the powerhouse and enjoys to worship these muscles as he likes. But Denny gets up again and he now goes after Raoul. He fights him down to the floor easily. Raoul is now laying on his stomach, his arms in a tight lock twisted to his back and Denny is sitting on him.

Raoul was making sure, Denny gets rock hard and Denny is now taking care of himself to finish up the work.

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