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Kamzouze and Stan Lacoste

Stan Lacoste is cleaning the kitchen in his apartment. It’s probably the most boring job in the world, but someone’s gotta do it, and his roommate, Kamzouze, certainly has no interest in helping out. Frankly, Stan wouldn’t put up with the staggering laziness if Kamzouze weren’t so incredibly hot.

Stan’s been into his handsome, dark roomie ever since the arrogant bastard first moved in. Of course, Kamzouze is more than aware of this, but he’s held off on making a pass to avoid a potentially uncomfortable post-fuck atmosphere. Tonight’s different, though. Kamzouze has been super-horny all day and just can’t help himself…

Within seconds, the two men are all over each other, kissing passionately and tearing each other’s clothes off. Stan drops to his knees and obsessively deepthroats Kamzouze’s giant ten-inch dick before taking a sneaky, sleazy detour down to the raunchy roomie’s sweaty sneakers.

It’s a foot-fetishist’s fantasy! The two men sniff, lick, and drool over their sneakers. Kamzouze throws Stan to the ground and runs his foot aggressively over the bottom-boy’s face and body before forcing it into Stan’s wide-open mouth.

Kamzouze knows he needs to bang, and pushes Stan over the kitchen counter where he pounds Stan without mercy. His strokes get faster and faster as Stan’s ecstatic groans and grunts grow in volume. To shut him up, Kamzouze shoves a croissant into his mouth. It’s a deeply humiliating act, but it brings both men closer to the edge.

Kamzouze pulls out and spits repeatedly in Stan’s face, opening the floodgates for the torrent of watery spunk which flies all over the sneakers.

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