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Southern Strokes – Haigan Fucks Carson

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As soon as Haigan showed up at the Ranch I knew that the first guy he needs to fuck would be Carson. Every time Carson leaves the Ranch he cums back with an even hotter body and ready to fuck. He is a hard workin country boy so he doesn’t have much sex outside of his visits to the Ranch. We like it that way. Haigan doesn’t hold back; when it cums to fucking he likes it ruff and hard. He likes to think of his bottom boys as his bitches there for his sexual pleasure.

Carson was telling me how every time he spends a weekend at the Ranch, he learns more and more about himself. He admitted that he loves getting fucked hard so he was all smiles when we told him that he would be getting fucked by Haigan. I talked to the two of them before the shoot and Carson agreed that he would let Haigan do anything he to him without limits. Hold on.

Haigan started by testing Carson’s gag reflex and grabbed the back of Carson’s head and shoved it onto his semi-hard cock. He made Carson suck him until he was ready to feel his cock inside Carson’s hole. When Haigan starts fucking, an animal in him cums out and he just goes into another world. He didn’t waste time as he started slamming his cock into Carson so that we could all hear his balls slapping against Carson’s ass.

Carson took it long and deep and finally ended up on his back for the biggest surprise of the video. I told you that Haigan goes to another place when he fucks well this time was no exception. Haigan grabbed Carson by the throat and literally chocked the cum out of him. Carson shot his load in his own mouth as Haigan was fucking and choking him.

Carson tasting his own cum was like a lion’s first taste of blood. He had to have more so Haigan drenched his mouth and face with a huge creamy load of his own. To reward Carson for a job well done, Haigan gave Carson a cum soaked Mushroom Stamp.

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