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TwinksInShorts – Marc Born & Tommy Hunter

Male Sex Toys 728X90

Super sexy and adorable twink Tommy Hunter loves a good massage. Either that or he likes being manhandled by a gruff guy with big strong hands. Whatever the reason, we’re glad because it gave us the opportunity to catch up with him as he walks in to see Marc Born.

The masseuse immediately gets Tommy on the table and starts oiling him up, running his hands along Tommy’s back for a deep tissue twink massage. Except that with his hands all slippery with oil, Marc is soon massaging Tommy’s hairy little hole. Working his finger inside Tommy Hunter and kneading his glutes, the tattooed and buzzed Marc gets Tommy worked up and ready for more. When Marc moves on to Tommy’s feet, you’ll swear you can feel the pressure on your own!

Gripping the sides, heels pressing into the soles of Tommy’s feet, the masseuse gets the twink on all fours. The luscious Eastern European young man then gets a slipper handjob as his huge cock is milked and pumped by Marc’s expert hands. Tommy Hunter is manipulated as he’s never been before, a hand firmly pulling and stroking on his big dick, a thick finger probing his hole and pressing against his prostate…pushing, edging, getting Tommy closer and closer to orgasm but pulling back every time. Then, when he can’t take it anymore, the twink grabs hold of his thick shaft and pumps out a huge load!