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WilliamHiggins – Ilja Krutov – EROTIC SOLO

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Ilja Krutov is aged 20 and comes from Brno, though he is originally from Russia. He is a student who enjoys sports, jogging and fitness. He looks very cute as he sits and does his interview. Then Ilja lays on the bed and begins to run his hands over his clothed body. He is soon joined by a helping hand. Those hands feel Ilja’s body, removing his tee shirt and groping his shorts.

Then the shorts are removed too and only the bulging underwear remains. The hands squeeze the bulge in the underwear. Then some oil is rubbed over Ilja’s chest. As a hand rubs over the chest it slips into the underwear too. Then the underwear comes off to expose Ilja’s cock and balls. As oil is dripped on the cock it gets very hard and the hands take hold of it and rub it. The oily cock is rock hard as it is rubbed. Ilja’s balls are squeezed and rubbed too. The cock is so nice and hard as is soon being wanked hard as the balls are cupped too. Then Ilja’s legs are raised into the air. He holds them up to expose his hot ass and have some oil dripped onto his inviting hole.

The oil is rubbed all over the ass as the cheeks are spread wide apart. A thumb rubs over the hole and the slips inside. That thumb fucks the hot hole deeply as Iljas’ cock is wanked too. The thumb is withdrawn but is soon replaced by a finger with fucks deep inside. Ilja’s cock stays hard as his hole is fingered. Soon two fingers are pushing into the hole opening wide and fucking deep as the cock is wanked some more too. The finger fuck into the hole and pull out before pushing in again. That hole is fucked hard by the fingers as Ilja take them so well. All the while Ilja’s big cock stays so hard as his hole is played with.

Ilja Krutov turns over, onto his knees, still presenting his hot ass. More oil it spread all over the ass and the cock is pulled back between the legs to be wanked more. As the cock is wanked hard two fingers fuck hard into the ass hole. Ilja’s balls are grabbed again and then the double fingering starts again as that big cock is wanked hard. Then Ilja turns over again and lays on his back. Even more oil is applied and rubbed all over the cock and balls. The hands wank hard the cock. As the cock is wanked Ilja’s balls get so tight at the base. Soon the cock delivers the squirting cum, shooting out.

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