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Blindfold Booty Blast – Gio x Lexis

Built bottom Gio is not one of those guys who wears a hood through his hookup scene for fear of being noticed. He’s clad in a wine-red blindfold tied over his face so that he can concentrate on the irresistible feelings coursing through his booty without any distraction. And Latin stud rawfucker Lexis doesn’t give a shit–he’s there for the butt-ramming. As the camera pans back from Gio, deep into his anal fantasy, we see ass-lover Lexis burrowing his face between Gio’s big round cheeks to slurp on that hairy hole. Once his hyperfocused bottom bud is wet and slick for the bareback plowing, Lexis gives that meaty butt a smack and starts humping into his juicy crack. He rolls Gio over and sucks face, drills a finger into that twitching pucker while Gio squeezes his tan uncut tool.

But first, a little fun? Lexis wields a giant pink dildo and works it into the cock-hungry bottom, who immediately reaches for his stiffening dick to beat it off. Gio’s ass chows down on the dildo with not a hint of resistance, creamy lube dripping out between strokes. Lexis stands to get his straining cock slobbered and slurped by thirsty Gio, then slides his big cock into the dildo-stretched hole. His nut sack slaps against the lube-slick ass ass he drills in balls deep. When he spreads Gio’s legs open and rams in, the smooth satin sheets below are splattered in lube and precum. He speeds up as he feels the load boiling up into his nuts. Pulling out he fires shot after shot of hot musky cream into Gio’s pubes and furry trail. Gio pulls his hardy, still squirting top down into a long deep kiss.

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