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Captain’s Orders – Ollie Barn and Tyler Scott

Prepare to set sail on a new BoyFun adventure with captain Tyler Scott and his sexy young deck hand Ollie Barn. Okay, there’s no actual sailing involved, and this deck hand is about to become a hard dicked hand, but you get the idea.

Little Ollie is busy slaving away sweeping the dock when he catches the attention of smooth and sexy Tyler on the boat, and soon enough the sailor is inviting him aboard with a tempting and teasing display.

Young Ollie is more than happy to take a break from his hard laboring, and to trade his sweeping skills for some boner slurping.

In no time at all their clothes are gone and their solid masts are being lovingly licked and sucked, the two sailor boys swapping their meaty poles in a delicious display that any passing pirate would love to join.

The tanned captain of this vessel can’t wait to have his booty plundered, with his ass out while he leans against the ladder. Ollie dives right in, plunging his pecker naked and deep, buggering his new buddy with all the skill of a randy sailor suck at sea for too long.

The boat is ready to rock when Ollie leans back to give Tyler a ride on his oar, the motion of the ocean taking them quickly to a foamy finish.

With his mouth waiting for the tasty reward Tyler finally gets the cream he craved from his young charge, the taste of his seaman’s semen encouraging his own cannon to launch a volley of milky mess over the cabin floor.

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