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Finding A Real Looker – Oliver Morgenson and Johnny Polak

Johnny Polak should be used to hot guys checking him out, but he’s such an adorable and humble boy he rarely notices it. Thankfully he’s got some good friends to point it out when another gorgeous lad is cruising him in the park. It takes a little persuasion from JD, but soon young Johnny is following sexy Oliver Morgenson, ready to get some hard-dicked BoyFun! The moment they have some privacy back at the apartment the two handsome and lithe boys are making out and groping each other, stripping their clothes off and getting at those dicks.

Oliver’s experienced mouth engulfs young Johnny’s stiff inches, sucking his tip, sliding down his length, licking his balls and generally worshiping that boner the way it needs to be worshiped. Johnny has his own oral skills to show off, slurping Oliver’s delicious dong the moment it’s freed, tasting the precum leaking from his swollen tip. Both boys know they didn’t hook up just for some head, although that would be just as worthwhile. Johnny gets on his knees, his perfect little rump up in the air for some fingering.

Oliver works the boy’s pucker with his tongue and fingers, easing the twink open and preparing him for his bareback dick. With little fuss he slides inside, the velvety warmth of the boy’s ass welcoming him deep. The short jabs of his humping hips only make young Johnny more eager, it seems, the boy is soon riding that cock and getting his own wanked in return, after a little ass-to-mouth sucking to remind Oliver that he’s still hungry for that load. Finally fucked on his back Johnny feels the pleasure grow, the prostate-prodding taking him over the edge as semen erupts from his bulging boner to splash out all over his tight abs.

As the smell of fresh seed and the sight of that gooey mess takes Oliver closer to his own unloading he pulls his naked cock free and heads north, ready to unleash his own copious wad all over his new friends chest. No doubt Johnny is glad he followed JD’s advice and went for the hook-up!

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