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Lapping My Friend – Danny Delano and Jean Gilliam

Adorable Jean Gilliam has a new friend to play with in this sexy BoyFun session. Cutie British twink Danny Delano meets him for a day at the karting track and the two have a lovely time, but it’s nothing compared to the fun they have when they meet for another date. This time there’s no pretext of traditional dating etiquette, they both know what they want and there’s no holding back when the two are making out on the bed.

The racing they enjoyed is no match for the pleasure of sucking hard penises, which the gorgeous smooth boys both do with obvious skill while swapping their hard lengths. It’s clear young Danny is a skilled lover, once he’s given his new boyfriend’s hole some licks he’s ready to slide his naked cock between those cheeks and pump his penis in the boy’s snug little pucker.

He’s in no hurry to finish, giving his pal a ride on his raw dong before taking pole position once again and jabbing with increased energy. The previous day might have been a race but they’re enjoying working up to a frantic finish, crossing the line within moments of each other as Jean splashes his spooge in his British top boy’s face and Danny slings his copious cum wad all over himself. It’s so sweet to see boys are still dating, like the good old days.

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