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Menoboy – A very juicy meeting

I am supposed to meet with gay porn model Anthony Cruz, in order to possibly get into porn. But as soon as I have set foot in his apartment, than he nails me in the staircase. Yeah, Anthony loves having sex in the stairs and I am learning that the hard way… Without uttering a word, he whips out his monster cock and I start blowing him.

I have been fantasizing on this hottie for so long that having his throbbing dick in my mouth turns me on even more! I give him a nice juicy blowjob, taking his hard meat down my throat. Anthony moans. He is loving my nice treat⦠I am putting my heart into it! But I soon want more. So, I start fingering my hole to show Anthony that he can go for my ass if he wants to⦠That’s all he needed⦠Right there, in the stairs, he starts working my warm ass. His tongue drives me crazy.

Whether with his tongue or with his fingers, his skillful moves testify to the fact that he is up to his reputation as an outstanding porn actor! He soon sticks his dick into my hole and starts moving it in and out with strength. Feeling his rock-hard big tool deep inside of me triggers an overwhelming wave of pleasure. His moaning mingles with mine while he is going wild on my ass. Not only is he an incredibly hot lover but he surely does have stamina! He fucks my doggie-style and then up against the banister.

Finally, I sit down on his dick to ride it! I bounce up and down on Anthony’s big tool and he is loving it! I am having a really nice time with this hottie and he eventually shoots a huge load of creamy spunk on my chest! What a nice memory!

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