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BringMeABoy – I Hope Daddy Likes Them – Jamie

I have always had a thing for blond twinks, so when my stepson, Jamie, comes to visit I am in heaven. Especially when he arrives wearing shorts really tight around his ass and even more when he tells me he wants to show me his new underwear and tries it on right in front of me!

I guess he values my opinion. I know he values my cock. The boy has always had a thing for me, but recently, now that he has become a young man, we have made is sexual. Well, he has made is sexual and I’m not complaining! Kissing his young tender lips as he gropes me sends a surge of electricity through me.

He gives me the best blowjobs I have ever had. He loves daddy dick in his mouth… and even more in his smooth hole. Before I know it, I am balls deep inside the youngster all over my living room furniture. I hope his mum doesn’t catch us!

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