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Artie Abram – EROTIC SOLO

Artie Abram is aged 30. He is from Brno where he works as a taxi driver. In his spare time he enjoys s;ports, jogging and boxing. He looks very good as he walks into view and takes off his tee shirt to show a very hot chest. Artie does some stretches as he shows off his beautiful body. Then he bends over to lift up some weights. He uses the weight to work his biceps and his chest.

Then he does more stretching. One weight is lifted overhead as Artie continues to exercise. He sits on the sofa and leans back to run his hands all over the hot chest. A hand gropes his pants too and he pushes them down, and off. Then he rubs the bulging underwear, reaching inside too. Soon he releases his stiff cock and starts to wank it.

The underwear is removed and Artie wanks that lovely fat dick. It is rock hard with the balls nice and tight as he wanks himself. The dick is coated in oil too as it is wanked. Then Artie lifts his legs, showing off his hot ass hole too. That hairy hole is shown perfectly and soon two hands spread the cheeks wider. That pulls on the tight hole giving such an inviting view.

Moving onto his knees Artie work his hips to let his big dick flop around from side to side, and up and down.

Then he turns and bends to give another view of that sexy ass. He pushes his cock back through his legs as he also reaches back to rub his sexy ass. Turning again, onto his back he wanks hard on his thick dick. He moans too as his cock releases the creamy cum onto that hot body. After milking his dick dry Artie goes off to the shower too.

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