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ChaosMen – 2380 – Thad Solo

Male Sex Toys 728X90

Thad definitely piqued my interest. He identifies as Bi, but at 29, he says he has not ever had interactions with a guy. Thad of course watches porn and says when he watches he does pay a lot of attention to the guys, and fantasizes about them.

He seems a bit shy and I think he just hasn’t had the chance hook-up with a dude. I get the feeling he thought this would be a good way to play with other dudes.

Despite being shy, he seemed like a natural exhibitionist. He got hard easy and with his thick 7.5″ cock he is confident showing it off. He even hangs long soft!

So far, he doesn’t have any limits. He thinks he would like to try it all, but of course, I am going to start him off sucking some dick next week!

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