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Corbin Fisher – ACM2543 – Graham II

Male Sex Toys 728X90

Tall, blond, toned, and hung, Graham II landed at CF ready to have himself some fun. Even if he wasn’t a sexy stud, stripping down and getting off on camera for us, Graham’s still the kind of guy you’d find yourself eager to get to know better – he’s tremendously outgoing, has a kind of “hot nerd” vibe to him, has a great energy, and is wonderfully personable.

Within minutes of first meeting him, he’ll have you feel like you’ve known him for ages. Graham is a runner, and is quite passionate about his love for running. It might seem strange to some of us that someone can be so passionate about something like running, but for Graham it not is somewhat meditative, but he’s also highly competitive and running helps him feed those competitive urges.

I suspect that competitiveness will come out for us, also, as he sets about being as hot and as sexy as can be!

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