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Str8Hell – Radek Pozer – HOT ASS

The ever popular Radek Pozer can’t take his eyes off the helper in this Hot Ass Scene. The helper reaches into Radek’s pants to grope his dick. That cock is pulled out and the hand starts wanking it. Radek’s pants are removed leaving him fully naked. Oil is squeezed onto his cock and the hands rub it all over. The big dick is wanked as Radek lays back and enjoys it.

Radek’s legs are raised into the air to show off his ass the the tight hole. That hole is rubbed and smacked and then oiled as well. Radek keeps his legs up as the hot hole is probed by a finger. That finger pushes, knuckle deep, into the hot hole and starts to fuck in and out. Radek Pozer takes it well as his ass hole is fingered. The finger is removed, showing off the hole again, which gets more oil Then two fingers stretch the hole and slide deep inside. The fingers, again, go knuckle deep as they fuck.

They come out and that hot ass his spread wide. Yet more oil is applied and the fingers go in again as a dildois pushed into Radek’s mouth. He sucks on the dildo as his hot ass hole is worked. The fingers come out and the dildo is pushed into the ass hole. All the while Radek wanks himself. His ass hole accommodates the dildo so well as it is fucked all the way in. The toy works that eager hole as Radek Pozer pulls on his cock. That ass needs more and a nice fat butt plug starts to work it. The plug fucks into the ass until it is all the way in, gripped tight by the ass lips. The hole is stretched so wide to take it.

Then the plug is pulled out and used to fuck that ass hard. It easily slips all the way in again. The ass lips are stretched wide as it comes out again. Radek’s dick is rock hard as he wanks as it hole gets worked. The plug is discarded and then replaced by a big, fat, dildo. That is shoved into the eager hole, and fucks easily in and out. When it comes out the hot ass hole gapes some too. Radek continues wanking himself as his hole is used by fingers and the dildo.

An even larger dildo then appears and soon starts to be fucked into that ass. The huge dildo opens the hole wide as it is fucked so deep inside. Radek Pozer takes it all the way, with ease. His hole gapes as the toy comes out. That hole is used so well, giving Radek exactly what he loves to much.

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