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William Higgins – Rado Rux – EROTIC SOLO

Rado Rux is again 19. He lives in Olomouc and is a student. In his spare time Rado enjoys sports, fitness and dancing. He has a nice smile, which comes effortlessly to his face as he sits and does his interview, in English. Then he stands up and takes off his sweater, revealing his sexy chest. Sitting again Rado opens his jeans and takes them off. He adjusts his underwear and reaches inside to pull out his cock.

He starts to wank on the cock, and soon removes the underwear as well. Then he returns to wanking on his dick. He continues to answer questions as he wanks and gets his dick nice and hard. The balls get tight too as he wanks himself. Having wanked for a while he lifts his legs, with the cock and balls trapped between them, and shows off his ass and his tight hole.

Reaching down Rado Rux spreads the ass cheeks wider as he exposes his hole. He holds his feet in the air, showing off the soles as he reaches for his dick and wanks a little more. He also continues to spread his hot ass. Moving onto the floor he kneels and bends over to present that ass again as he wanks his cock between his legs.

He rubs a hand all over his sexy ass and spreads the cheeks as wide as he can. Then he sits back on the sofa to wank that stiff cock. He keeps wanking himself and pushes his cock forward as it releases the creamy cum. Rado milks every last drop from his cock and then goes off to the shower to clean up.

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