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William Higgins – Igor Ujak – EROTIC SOLO

Igor Ujak is aged 22. He lives in Prague where he works as a waiter. In his spare time he enjoys sports, soccer and jogging. He is a handsome guy who looks good as he sits on the bed and does his interview, in English. Then he moves onto his knees and bares his hot chest. He opens his jeans and gropes his underwear. He does as directed, chatting with the crew as he does so.

Then Igor Ujak takes off his jeans and moves back onto his knees with his underwear tenting as his cock gets hard. He runs his hands over his body as he also gropes his underwear. Then the underwear is removed and he kneels, presenting his hot ass and the tight hole. He reaches back to spread the ass wide. He rubs fingers over that hot hole too.

He moans as he rubs that ass hole. Then Igor kneels and wanks his big cock. That dick pokes out in front as he wanks himself. The big cock looks good as Igor wanks himself, breathing heavily. Laying down he lifts his legs to show his ass hole as he wanks on that big cock. Then he reaches down to feel his hole some more.

He keeps wanking as he shows off that hole. Igor Ujak then kneels again and wanks hard on his cock. He keeps wanking as he feels his chest too. Soon that big cock gives up the hot cum as the balls get tight. He milks his cock dry and then goes off to the shower to clean up.

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