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Deep in Jean – Ares Reiv and Jean Gilliam

It’s an incredible welcome for sexy young Ares Reiv in his BoyFun debut alongside Jean Gilliam.

Ares isn’t the shy type. He’s a confident and supremely horny boy who can’t deny his inches when his penis swells up and demands a good stroke.

The boy is shamelessly watching porn on his phone and groping the swollen cock in his pants right there on the couch while curious Jean watches on. With a little side-eye and some lingering glances you can tell both are on the same page.

Of course a boy like Jean can’t pretend to ignore the obvious offer for long. It’s too much of a temptation and with a little friendly smooch he’s soon wrapping his lips around the meaty member young Ares reveals from his briefs.

The gorgeous young man has a very lovely dick for Jean to lick and suck, but it seems this handsome boy is just as skilled in that department and soon enough he’s getting a taste of his pal’s pink penis and making sure to lick out his hole too.

Of course with Jean’s pucker wet and his butt up and ready Ares is eager to slide his raw inches deep inside, pumping his pal from behind before giving the twink a ride on his pole.

The spooning Ares’ incredible cock delivers is enough to have them both ready to gush their twink sperm all over, and what a glorious mess they make.

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