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Big Dick Problems – Evan Ryker and Oliver Morgenson

Straight guy Evan Ryker just want’s to get off, but he’s accidentally bought condoms that are way too small for his big dick. He’s going to have to skip out on his girlfriend or find something else to do unless his friend Oliver Morgenson can find a solution. Is it a ploy to get his friend to offer some BoyFun? Perhaps, but Oliver doesn’t mind. He’s curious about just how hung his friend is and when Evan reveals his incredible meat from his tight jeans it’s already throbbing and ready to be pleasured.

Being the open-minded kind of guy he is Evan is totally cool with his friend grabbing those inches and wanking him, checking out its enormous size, but he prefers it when his buddy gets his lips on that swollen fat head and tastes his juices leaking from the tip. It might be true that Evan prefers the ladies but when the boys head to the bedroom he doesn’t hesitate to return the favor and get to work on Oliver’s gorgeous tool. For a horny straight guy he certainly has some skills when it comes to sucking dick, but most guys take to it pretty well, knowing how they like their own boner to be licked and slurped.

With his huge cock desperate to get a load pumping and his friend so obviously happy to help out he takes aim at Oliver’s snug hole, bareback of course, seeing as he has no condoms big enough for his manhood. Oliver’s fit young ass is up and his cheeks parted, his pucker soon being plundered as his well-endowed friend eases into his snug hole. Evan is so happy to be getting some, laying back and letting his friend slide up and down on his hooded length, his balls bouncing with every thrust. Laying back to get it even deeper Oliver is soon approaching nirvana, rapidly pumping his own pink member in his hand while Evan furiously fucks his pucker, prodding his prostate until streams of milk flood from his tip to splash over his athletic body.

Evan is soon showing just how much he needed that, wanking his own awesome shaft and drenching his friend with a shower of jock top semen as it erupts from his helmet in a messy display. His girlfriend might be missing out, but she’ll probably be missing out more often now Evan knows how good his friends ass is.

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