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Phallic Fountain Mountin’ – Andrew Green and Lucas Drake

When you’re as sexy and good-looking as young jock Lucas Drake you really don’t have to try too hard to entice a boy back to your place. Understandably, gorgeous little Andrew Green is more than eager to accept the random invitation, knowing full well that it’s going to lead to an incredible afternoon of BoyFun. The short walk back to Lucas’ apartment only increases the boy’s excitement and as soon as they arrive his boner is stretching out his blue shorts. A little kissing on the couch to get to know each other is all it takes and Drake is groping for the young man’s rigid length to lick and suck.

Stripping down to their underwear the two are quickly swapping boners, each boy gorging on the uncut length of the other’s warm erection. Andrew might not be so experienced when it comes to sharing his dick with other boys or enjoying another glistening tool, but his long and curved boner is loving every second of it. as Drake finally offers access to his smooth and muscled butt, bending over the couch at the perfect height for a good deep ramming, Andrew takes aim with his naked tip and pumps it through the tight pucker. The feel of the young man’s experienced and welcoming hole is immediately intense, but the pleasure only grows when Lucas takes charge to ride his new friend.

Bouncing on Andrew’s dick with his own prick swinging and leaking pre he shows the boy how he likes it before laying down for a rhythmic spooning. Finally close to unleashing their cream Lucas lays back and pumps his prick, his muscled body flexing with the effort and the waves of pleasure as semen leaps from his helmet to splash down all over his abs.

Andrew is ready with his reward, furiously wanking his cock in Lucas’ face, pumping his goo into the young man’s thirsty mouth. The boy certainly won’t be shy about being picked up in the street next time.

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