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Pitch a Tent – Max Gen and Rimi Morty

Camping isn’t for everyone, but there’s no doubt that when a couple of horny young guys get together under canvas in the woods there’s a high chance some hot BoyFun is gonna take place.

Rimi Morty is enjoying a little alone time in the tent with his hard long cock in his hand and his precum flowing while he’s indulging in some horny thoughts, but he’s not alone for long.

Max Gen arrives to startle him, but the shameless cock stroker isn’t shocked in the slightest, he’s certainly not surprised when his friend offers to help him out with his cock by slipping his wet mouth down on those delicious inches.

It goes without saying Rimi is more than ready to return the favor once his friends equally lovely penis is produced, hard and damp, ready to be licked and sucked.

With the two boys being as hard and ready as they are it’s a wonder they can hold their cum loads in long enough to fuck, but rest assured they know how to get the most pleasure from each other and as Max eases his bareback pucker down on his friend’s long erection they’re soon thrusting their way to a climactic release.

An incredible deep spooning for bareback bottom Max takes the two boys to a big gushing finish, cocks in hands and tongues wrestling, their semen splashing from their desperate dongs in a messy display that leaves the tent, and the boys, spattered with spooge.

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