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Taking the Big Top – Derek Shaw & Cameron Moore

Cameron Moore, and Derek Shaw smolder during a smokin’ hot snog/strip down sesh. They taste every inch of each another with twirling tongues, and feel every beefy, bulging bit of each other with young, curious , wandering hands. Once he’s got his boy out of his tighty-whitey’s, Shaw smacks the boy on the butt, then sinks to his knees to give his long dong a devilishly good, deep throating. Cameron crashes his hips forward, fucking the hot jock’s face; and, we can’t help but notice, his body is looking mighty tight.

Someone’s definitely been hitting the gym! Derek reluctantly releases the delicious dick lodged down the depths of his throat; and, Moore makes his way south, towards his sexy stud’s suckable schlong, and gets to work. Shaw plays with his horned up nipples while Cameron is on his meaty member like a carnivore. After the D dinner, Cameron turns around, giving Shaw easy access. Derek wastes no time.

He breaks in the boy’s beautifully smooth back door like a devient dick devil, bangin the boy in doggy with all his got. Moore moans with pure pleasure during the dick down, then hops on for a rigorous, raw ride, where ass smacking, sex sounds fill the air. Shaw kisses his bottom deep, then gets him on his back, so he can really take the twink to pound town. Cameron cranks on his cannon, stroking his stiffy till he shoots blast after blast of righteously raunchy ropes of white hot ecstasy all the way up his tight torso.

Derek pulls his pulsing piece out, then plasters pretty boy with his hot stud spunk. Once he’s painted Moore with a fresh cum coat, he plunges his throbbing cock back in the bottom’s butt, and kisses him hard, sweaty, and wet.

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